Math for Excellence Enrichment Program® elevates students’ knowledge of math to a higher level. This year-long program runs throughout the school year. It is based on thematic seminars and structured problem solving, encouraging active participation from students.

This program will give the student all they need to succeed in math. The goal of the program is to significantly improve students’ grades, to reduce necessary study time, to eliminate the need for tutors, and to open doors for students to discover joy of math. If you would like your child to reach their full potential in math, this program is for you. Register today!

Math for Excellence Enrichment Program is structured based on increasing levels of complexity (Excel 1 to Excel 6, and Calculus) covering grades 5 to 12. It builds on the foundation of the BC School Curriculum, but takes it further and goes in deeper to ensure full understanding.

Program Levels

Excel 1 Excel 2 Excel 3 Excel 4 Excel 5 Excel 6 Calculus

Each level includes 17 classes, 90 minutes each. The classes typically take place every two weeks. Homework is assigned in each class for students to work on for the following class. Homework is reviewed at the start of each class and questions are answered so that the whole class fully understands a topic before moving to the next one.

Online interactive sessions are scheduled between classes to help students with assigned homework.