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The sole responsibility of the organizers, teachers and institutions involved in these programs is conducting enrichment math classes. Parents and guardians are responsible for the conduct of the participants. The organizers, teachers, volunteers, and educational institutions hold themselves harmless from any consequences of misbehavior on the part of the participants and from any damage to property or injury whatsoever to persons participating in these programs.


PRIVACY STATEMENT: The information requested on this form is collected under the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the specific purpose of registration in the Math For Excellence Program and will not be shared with third parties.


Math For Excellence provides high quality programs. Each program requires extensive preparation. We commit on your behalf when you register. For these reasons our terms and conditions on joining the Math For Excellence are as follows:

1) CLASS LOCATIONS: This year’s Math For Excellence Program is offered at multiple locations. Exact addresses, room numbers and class times will be provided prior to first class.

2) AGE/GRADE LIMITS (in September) are 10 to 17 years or Grades 5 to 12.

3) PROGRAMS OFFERED: The full year Math For Excellence program runs from October to May. Registration will be open until spaces are no longer available or the program begins, whichever comes first.

4) TUITION FEES are set for the complete program. We accept cheques, credit card payments or PayPal when registering online. If paying by cheque, please register online and then send the cheque to the address indicated on registration form.

If registering by mail, please print out the registration form and follow the instructions on the Register By Mail page.

Tuition fee is payable at the time of registration as follows:



* If you have been referred to this program by a current Math for Excellence student, they have given you a special discount code. Please select Students With Referral option in registration form and enter the discount code. Also, please make sure you enter the first and last name of the student who referred you so that they can receive recognition for the referral.


Refunds are issued in the event of a student’s prolonged illness or their family moving away. WRITTEN NOTICE is required in order to request a refund, along with the new mailing address and the moving date for move-related refund requests.

The refunded amount would be pro-rated and equal to the full tuition fee, reduced by cost for up to and including one month after the notice was given or the date of departure (whichever is later), along with a $30 processing fee. Refunds will not be possible after March 1. No refunds are given for reasons other than illness or family moving away.


  • Mathematics is by nature a disciplined pursuit. Any disruptive behaviour in class may result in suspension or dismissal.

  • Punctuality is essential. Habitual tardiness may result in suspension or dismissal from the class.

  • Students are reminded that the facilities are the property of the institutions where the classes are held, and must be treated with respect.

  • In all classes, the teachers, instructors, professors, and other adults will be addressed formally (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc)

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