Teaching method

The Building Blocks of Knowledge


In the Math for Excellence Enrichment Program, we believe in building a solid foundation of math fundamentals and then adding onto it, block by block. We cover each topic in depth and ensure understanding through numerous examples and practice. The material that follows builds on the content of previously covered topics.

Upon completing the Math for Excellence program, our students have a deep understanding of math concepts. This program provides students with the knowledge and confidence they need to attend any university in North America with ease.

We ensure that learning goals are clear and that students can see their own progress.


Student and Teacher


We believe that every student is capable of achieving a high level of knowledge in math. To accomplish this goal, two factors are critical: a great teacher, and a student who is determined to succeed.

  1. A great teacher is one who cares deeply about their students, who is well educated in mathematics, and who ensures that students understand the subject matter.

  2. A determined student is one with the desire to know math and the decision to work hard in class as well as at home to achieve this goal.


Determination and Hard Work

A True Story

This story illustrates Mr. Katic’s teaching results.

At the time when this story takes place, Mr. Katic was teaching grades 11 and 12, and AP Calculus at a Lower Mainland high school. At the beginning of the school year all the students in his AP Calculus class were in his previous year’s grade 11 class, except for one student, named Ted *. Throughout their grade 11 year, Mr. Katic prepared his students for this extremely demanding Calculus class. He cautioned Ted that he may not be able to follow the class without any preparation. However, Ted insisted on staying in the class, promising that he would work hard to catch up with his classmates.

Mr. Katic liked Ted’s determination so he followed closely his learning in the class and his homework. Ted was struggling for the first two months but he gradually caught up with his peers.

At the end of the school year, the students wrote the AP Calculus Exam.

The AP Exams are administered by the New York College Board. Over 10 million students across North America wrote their AP Exams that year. Only about 130 000 students took Calculus (others took other academic subjects), because of the high level of instruction required for the Calculus course and exam. The marks at the exam were from 1 (not passing), to 5 (excellent). Out of the eleven students in Mr. Katic’s AP Calculus class, eight students got a mark of 5 and three students got a mark of 4.

This was the highest result a North American class had achieved that year, but this was not surprising to Mr. Katic. What did surprise him though was that Ted got a mark of 5! It was difficult to say who was happier, Ted or Mr. Katic.

Mr. Katic continues to teach with enthusiasm for mathematics and focus on academic achievement. As this story illustrates, Determination and hard work make success happen.

*Name has been changed for privacy