What Parents and Students Say About Us

  • I really like how you teach our children not only mathematics, but also how to stand up for themselves. You teach them how to defend their solution to a math problem but it is also an important life skill that they are learning. It is wonderful to see. Thank you!

    Anastasia’s motherExcel 2 class
  • I used to teach my daughter math at home but my approach was too difficult for her to follow. You made math really clear and approachable for her. She understands it now and she enjoys learning.

    Sophia’s motherExcel 2 class
  • I really like how this class gave me confidence in my math class at school. Now there are times when I am the only one in my class who knows the answer to teacher’s question. It feels great!

    Emiliastudent, Excel 2 class
  • I would like to thank you for being my math teacher for the last four years. I have learned so much through your class, and you as a teacher have given me the confidence to push myself past the math that is taught in the school system. The Math For Excellence program is amazing, and the learning environment in the classes is probably the best that I have ever experienced. Thank you!

    Philipstudent, Calculus class
  • I really like the quality of teaching and materials in this program. I went to school in Eastern Europe and studied math in a mathematics high school. I recognize the same quality in this program. My son really enjoys the challenge he gets here and gets excited about solving problems that you assign. I would ask that you assign even more homework as optional for those students who want even more challenge. I know they are really happy when you give them bonus marks!

    Victor’s motherExcel 3 class
  • This class has given me great confidence. I can now walk into any math classroom, with any teacher, and know what they are talking about.

    Milanstudent, Calculus class
  • Thank you for teaching our children discipline and perseverance. They now know that when they work on their homework, they should not give up, even when they do not know a solution. You taught them to try the next problem, and continue trying until they exhausted all their ideas. My son used to just give up when he would get school homework that he could not solve at once. He does not do that anymore!

    Joshua’s fatherExcel 2 class
  • I have never realized prior this program that math can be so fun! We have learned very complex Calculus concepts this year but it was in a very positive, friendly, stimulating environment. I always look forward to this class!

    Eakinstudent, Calculus class
  • I feel so fortunate that I am going to university next year so well prepared. If I had another year of high school I would take this class again!

    Benstudent, Calculus class
  • Thank you for the progress report and all the encouragement and motivation. You really helped my daughter learn and enjoy math.
    Sometimes we had bad days and challenges doing homework or going to class…it does teach my daughter discipline and good work habits. She never finds your class boring because you let students engage in solving problems. This also helped really build her confidence.
    I told all my friends and colleagues about this program and suggested they enroll their children!

    Sophia’s motherExcel 2 class
  • I want to thank you for the excellent year Adam had with math this year – he is doing very well in his math class at St.George’s and he feels much more confident with math than he was at the beginning of the school year. We are very happy with his school grades. We want to join your class again in the Fall.

    Adam’s motherExcel 4 class
  • This class is a great environment for children to learn math, in a group of like-minded students. They encourage each other and they know that it’s OK to make mistakes – that’s how we learn.

    Veronica’s motherExcel 3 class

    I like the fact that my school math is so much easier now – I can understand it all!

    VeronicaExcel 3 class
  • Mr. Katic, I am very pleased with the mid-year reports for my sons. My older son has been developing strong math knowledge for years through your class and his daily challenge.
    My younger son is always looking forward to his class and is very eager to attend it. He brought home the mood of the class so I could see how he enjoys it. We could even hear laughter sometimes echoing outside of the class room. He loves his math challenge. Thank you so much!

    Harumimother of students in Excel 3 and Calculus classes
  • Thank you very much for my daughter’s progress report and for showing her that Math can be very enjoyable. She is doing very well in her grade 8 class at school.

    Her teacher has even asked her to assist other students. Thank you once again for having this program!

    Glorijamother of a student in Excel 3 class
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are very happy with our daughter’s results and her progress in math. Since she started taking Math for Excellence her confidence has increased significantly. She can solve math problems, she is not afraid of the math class any more. Her mark at school has improved from B to A. We are extremely happy that we signed up for your program and looking forward to registering her for next year.

    Katyamother of a student in Excel 2 class
  • Thanks for my son’s the mid-year report. I am glad to hear the positive feedback.

    He does find the material challenging and needs quite a bit of help at home, so I am encouraging him to raise the questions during the class if he doesn’t understand.

    He is happy every time he figures out something that has puzzled him.

    Sophiemother of student in Excel 3 class
  • Mr. Katic, I wanted to thank you for teaching my class last year, it has been a pleasure and I have learned so much. It really helped me during Calculus section of the math class at school.

    It is too bad that I cannot continue taking your class now that I am at university. You have been a really great teacher. Thank you very much and good luck in the future!

    Marieformer student
  • Mr. Katic’s Calculus math enrichment class gave me a really good knowledge and comprehension of mathematics and complex mathematic concepts. I completed the class feeling confident that I had excellent grasp of math and was ready for any field of study I wanted to pursue.

    Amirformer student
  • Mr. Katic was my math teacher for four years of high school. Mr. Katic’s class was demanding and we all worked very hard, participated in class, did our homework and prepared for tests. Many students finished the class with an “A” but I had a “B” in math.

    After high school, I decided to study civil engineering. It was only then, at the university, that I realized how strong my high school knowledge of math was. This realization motivated me to work even harder and get to the top of my class.

    Years later, I met Mr. Katic again and told him about my success. I thanked him for giving me the deep understanding of math and pushing me to learn despite my resistance … It really paid off!

    Deanformer student
  • As a student in Mr. Katic’s Grade 12 class, I was a relatively good student, but Mr. Katic always expected more of us and wanted us to learn math better.

    This served me really well when I moved to Germany and decided to pursue technical studies. I was the best math student in my class and this gave me the confidence to excel in other subjects as well.

    Post-university, I embarked on a very successful career in telecommunications. I will always be thankful to Mr. Katic for his persistence and belief in me!

    Miloshformer student
  • I first entered Mr. Katic’s math enrichment class because I wanted a challenge.
    Four years later, I know I got exactly what I wanted.
    After every class with Mr. Katic I felt like I had accomplished something and made some serious progress.

    For anyone looking for a challenge or simply wanting to improve greatly in math, you would never find yourself bored in Mr. Katic’s class.

    Raphaformer student
  • I was always good in math. When I started Mr. Katic’s class in high school I realized that to be successful, I would have to work hard and not just rely on my previous knowledge. I got very engaged in class discussions and solved every problem Mr. Katic assigned. I became the best student in my class and this gave me wings!

    I asked Mr. Katic for more challenging problems but then I struggled with those. Mr. Katic gave me a book of problems from International Mathematics Olympiads and offered to help me work through them. He also showed me how to find solutions myself.

    I followed his instructions and started to solve more and more problems from International Mathematics Olympiads. My enthusiasm attracted other students too, and soon we formed a study group. We helped each other with ideas, and motivated each other with every new problem. Mr. Katic watched us closely and encouraged us if we lost our confidence. Math become a game for us and we continued to challenge each other with more difficult problems.

    When the provincial competition in math come, we easily won the first place. At the national level, we also won the most medals, and some of us won a place in math team for the International Mathematics Olympiad. I won a gold medal at that Olympiad, and couldn’t believe it! Mr. Katic was not very surprised, he obviously had more confidence in us than we had in ourselves.

    Omarformer student
  • I was in Mr. Katic’s math class all throughout high school. The class was much more demanding than my elementary school math class and it had initially shaken my confidence. I threw myself into class discussions, homework, and optional assignments, hoping to get a better grade.

    Initially I did not have much success but over time my effort had paid off. The whole class started to compete in solving optional problems and we became really interested in math. This enthusiasm carried over into the related subjects as well.

    I decided to study Physics and went on to earn my PhD in Physics. I got a position as a professor of Physics and worked tirelessly on a project for wireless transmission of electrical power with my two associates. Our work was recommended for Nobel Prize in Physics.
    I believe that without Mr. Katic’s teaching I would probably not be where I am now!

    Adnanformer student
  • Math was a problem for me in high school. I did not understand it and got very frustrated trying to do homework and study. When I heard I would be in Mr. Katic’s class I was afraid I would fail. Mr. Katic tried to help me overcome my fears but I pushed back. I asked my father to talk to Mr. Katic and tell him to leave me alone.

    Mr. Katic then gave me very easy problems to solve. I could do this. Gradually he gave me harder problems – I did not even realize this until I was suddenly better in math than one of my classmates. This gave me the strength to try new problems, even difficult ones, and at the end of the school year I got an A in math. I was very proud of myself, but much later in life I realized that Mr. Katic deserves part of the credit for my success in high school and later at university. He gave me the strength to believe in myself.

    Markoformer student
  • My class had seven math teachers in four years of high school. In grade 12, we got Mr. Katic as a math teacher. He was appalled with our knowledge of math. He said that this would be a huge problem for us at university.

    In the first review test, the whole class got very low marks. Parents complained as it would affect our grade average. Mr. Katic insisted that we could deserve good grades but we needed to learn. He gave us a week to prepare for a re-test, and promised to help us practice for it.

    We worked very hard that week. The results of the new review were much better! We realized that it was not too late and that we could still learn math and catch up with what we lost. At the end of the school year all of us had great marks in math, and even in AP Calculus.

    We were happy knowing that we did it, but we forgot Mr. Katic’s role in this. So, I urged my father to go and thank Mr. Katic for his effort. My father told him: “Thank you very much for not letting me send my son to university unprepared.”

    We all went to different universities and all of us were successful. I went to McGill. I wonder sometimes what would have happened had Mr. Katic chosen to give us easy math marks, instead of making the effort to really teach us math…

    Johnathanformer student
  • Mr. Katic, I could not thank you enough for your wonderful teaching and guidance at the UBC math enrichment class. Through your teachings, I was able to learn more things than I could have ever hoped to learn at school, and you’ve really made mathematics an enjoyable and intriguing subject for me. Derivatives and integrals were definitely the hardest subjects, but they were also the most interesting and striking. Limits were also quite a challenge, as I could not grasp the concept of “streaming to zero or infinity” at first, but I am now confident in my knowledge of the subject.

    I was not always interested in math before, and I used to find it difficult and boring at first. But after attending my first math enrichment class, I was exposed to the wonders and mysteries of mathematics. Math suddenly became something more than addition, subtraction and fractions. It became something that was in every aspect of my life; there was so much more to learn beyond the textbook. Although the questions and materials were occasionally extremely challenging, your explanations were clear and easy to follow and really helped me develop critical thinking skills that I wanted to strengthen.

    Thank you so much for teaching me in your Calculus class. I will never forget your stories about Kepler, Aristotle, and other famous mathematicians and physicists.

    Seikaformer student