Math For Excellence


Math For Excellence is a year-long math enrichment program. We help motivated students in elementary and secondary schools to achieve their best in math and prepare for university. The students in the program build a solid foundation in math and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

This program is focused on ensuring students’ success at university. Our systematic approach is based on the best practices from European math schools and adapted to BC students’ needs. The instruction is provided by specially trained Math For Excellence instructors.



OUR Mission


  • Quality of Instruction

    Provide specialized high quality math instruction by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and engaged staff.

    Progress and Interaction

    Continuous progress through teaching the content and reinforcing it through homework (not drills).  Providing homework support between classes.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

    Offer a full math curriculum that builds on the BC Curriculum for grades 5 to 12 and explores each topic in more depth.

    Critical Thinking

    Challenge students to think in new ways through learning and application of critical thinking, logic, modelling and problem solving skills.

  • Prepare for University

    Ensure that students who complete this program are ready for math classes at university.

    Math Knowledge

    Strengthen students’ confidence in math and their overall math knowledge.