Our Vision

Professor Ilija Katic has devoted his entire career to excellence in mathematics. He is a Master Teacher who has established his unique teaching methodology and has been successfully applying it in the classroom for decades. Mr. Katic has published an award-winning mathematics textbook in former Yugoslavia. This textbook became the mandatory curriculum foundation for high school mathematics in the country.

Mr. Katic founded and led a math and science oriented magnet school in former Yugoslavia, called the Mathematics High School. Under his lead, students started winning regional and even national mathematics competitions. The Mathematics High School became the most reputable high school in the country. Mr. Katic’s students won several gold medals at the International Mathematics Olympiads, even when no medals were won by students from larger European countries. Student enthusiasm was the key to this success. Mr. Katic knew how to evoke enthusiasm in every young person. They were just waiting to be inspired!