Students can enter the program between the ages of 10 and 17. All students take an assessment test to determine the level of the program from which would benefit from most. The levels do not necessarily correspond to specific grades at school, but rather to the math knowledge demonstrated in the assessment tests.
Grade five is the earliest grade that we suggest children should start the program in. Students can register for Excel 1 level at the end of grade four.
We have a number of grade twelve students who join our Calculus class to help them prepare for university. We recommended that they join earlier to gain a solid foundation but it is still valuable to join at the Calculus level.


Math For Excellence is for students who know math, but want to deepen their knowledge. It is also for students who find math challenging but have a desire to learn it. Some students start the program with a stronger math background than others. By having students take our assessment test, we ensure the needs of each child have been evaluated so we can place them at the right level.
The main reason students struggle with math at school is a lack of a solid foundation. This is why we look at the assessment test results for each new student at Math for Excellence. Each student is assigned to a program level that is right for them, based on their math knowledge at the time they join. This way we can help them fill any gaps in their understanding. Some students who join our program begin with low confidence because of the challenges they face at school. Once they realize that Math For Excellence is a safe environment for them to make mistakes and learn, their interest grows and so does their knowledge and confidence.
Many of our students thrive on challenges. There are always optional homework problems available for students looking for a bigger challenge. They can also be placed at a higher level in the program if their knowledge indicates that they should be.
At Math For Excellence, we offer very inclusive, positive and encouraging environment. Some students are shy in the beginning but get drawn in by the class dynamic. Each student is included and asked to contribute. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and we do not leave a topic until all their questions have been answered.

Course Content

Math For Excellence is based on a custom-made curriculum tailored to BC students’ needs. All areas of math are represented in our curriculum, in increasing level of complexity. The goal is to ensure that by the time students complete the program, they are fully prepared for success at university. The class material is carefully selected to ensure that students develop a deep understanding of mathematics, taught in a logical order so that each level of our program builds on the previous one. Each lesson includes theory about the topic at hand, followed by interactive practice problems. Students are all encouraged to participate and ask questions.
Our website has a complete list of topics covered at each level so that parents and students can get the sense of the learning goals for each level.
We do not repeat the lessons students get in school but rather deepen their understanding of math concepts. Students are taught how to apply their knowledge in solving problems.
Math For Excellence approach to teaching is interactive and inclusive. The instructor leads the interaction in which students are active participants. Through series of examples and classroom discussion this step-by-step process focuses on understanding of the topic.
Each class follows the same structure:
1. Homework check
2. Homework review, where students ask questions about assigned homework
3. Short Quiz based on homework
4. Interactive introduction of the new lesson
5. Examples and class discussion
6. Homework assigned for the next class
No, this is not a tutoring program. The main difference is that with a tutor, students work on a specific topic that they learned at school and need help with. At Math For Excellence, students gain math knowledge by following thematic lessons. Our students find that that their grades in school improve and their confidence grows significantly.

Location & Frequency

The classes are offered at two locations in the Lower Mainland: Vancouver and Burnaby. Both locations follow the same curriculum and class structure.
The program runs from October to May typically twice a month. Classes are 90 minutes long and there are 17 classes in total.
There are separate groups for each program level, and each group has their own classes.


We offer free homework help sessions scheduled between the classes. Students can sign up for these online sessions and ask any questions they may have related to the homework. The exact timing of our online help sessions will be announced to students at each class.
In the Math For Excellence program, we follow each student’s progress closely. Their attendance and participation in class as well as results of all quizzes are recorded so feedback can be sent to parents. In addition, parents are welcome to ask teachers about their child’s progress at any point in the program.
Yes! In fact we have a number of students in our program from various homeschooling organizations in the lower mainland. Parents tell us that their children get the professional explanation they need in this program, and the parents get support. Some homeschooling organizations may reimburse students for their Math For Excellence tuition fee. Please contact the organizations directly with any questions on reimbursement.
Yes, students are welcome to make up missed classes at any other Math For Excellence location where their level is offered on a different day. Students should contact us by email when they plan to make up the class.
Please CLICK HERE for more information about program pricing.
The Math For Excellence program was created by professor Ilija Katic who teaches a number of the classes himself. In addition to Mr. Katic, we have several other teachers who are experts in mathematics, and have been specially trained in our Math For Excellence methodology.

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