Math for Excellence Enrichment Program is designed to help students who want to get more out of math. Our experience shows that all students can achieve a high level of knowledge in math, regardless of their present knowledge level. The only requirements are student’s determination to learn, and a high quality of teaching.

It is important to start the program at the right level. If the level is too low for a student, their progress would be slowed. If it is too high, the student could get discouraged and may not be able to follow. The right level is determined based on an assessment test that students complete after their registration is confirmed. Please note that every student will be placed at an appropriate level and no student will be denied an opportunity to attend the program.

Math for Excellence Enrichment Program has five levels, Excel 1 to Excel 5, and Calculus. Students generally begin Excel 1 in grade 5, depending on their mathematics background. They may be placed at a different level as appropriate.

The information on location and date of testing will be sent by email to all registered students in the first week of September. Students who previously attended math enrichment programs may not need to take the test as their placement could be determined based on the programs attended. Separate email will be sent to those students with the confirmation.

We will mark the test and based on the results we will recommend the level we believe is most suitable for the student. If a student or a parent believes that a different level would be more appropriate, please let us know. We can make adjustments as required even after the program begins.

Students, please make sure you complete the test independently, this is the only way to ensure your placement in the appropriate level of the program.

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